Awesome Games Done Quick raise over $1m for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 agdq

For people who like to awesome games done quick and other things done quick too the Awesome Games Done Quick speedrun event was likely a must-watch stream of the last seven days. The group of speedrunners have been streaming themselves complete a slew of hard as nails games as quickly as they can all to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

They’ve done a great job of it, too. This year the team have raised more than $1 million.

The current total is sitting at $1,006,876.26 and that’s come from 17,884 different donors. Interestingly, though, the number of donations is 27,153, suggesting that more than half of the donors have returned to donate a second time. The donors have been exceedingly generous. The average donation is more than $35 and, well, the largest donation, it’s a little fantastic. Someone gave $10,000.

Games have ranged from the traditional to the not so traditional.

There were also bonus rounds where, for instance, Sinister1 tried to complete Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out whilst blindfolded.

It’s been a Herculean effort on the part of the players and organisers. The entire event was 160 hours of non-stop streaming and speedruns.

I can’t wait till Awesome Games Done Quick 2015.