Awesome Games Done Quick raises over $420,000 in a week for Prevent Cancer Foundation


Awesome Games Done Quick is a collections of awesome gamers completing games quickly to raise money for charity. In a single week of gaming they’ve managed to break $420,000. They’re now on their final day of fundraising so if you want to help them towards a larger donation for the Prevent Cancer Foundation you may with to read on.

Since starting on the 6 January, Awesome Games Done Quick has seen game after game after game completed in ridiculously short times: Skyrim wassurmountedin just over 1 hour 35 minutes, Super Meat Boy in 1 hour 45, and, in a ridiculous 20 minutes, VVVVVV.

You can donate over herebut also see the archived runs by taking a gander at this list compiled by Redditor Lethe_Hevn.