Awesomenauts patch 2.6b ditches loadouts in favour of a “big ass shop”


Ronimo Games have shelved their loadout system in their 2D MOBA Awesomenauts, replacing it with a “big ass shop”. Instead of just trying to impossibly anticipate enemy picks and tactics, players will now be able to adapt on the fly by purchasing items.

“We are certain you are going to enjoy this major overhaul!”

After much deliberation, Ronimo decided that their current loadout system wasn’t cutting it anymore.

“From a design perspective the loadout system was meant to increase item build options, but what we found was that it actually works quite the opposite.” said Ronimo dev Joost. “With the ever increasing size of the Awesomenauts team, new gameplay, situations, added mechanics and with no information on enemy team composition or selected level players were forced to pick the best items for every situation before the battle. This limited options, effective builds and created frustration when the situation in game was not optimal for your chosen build and reduced overall fun.

The solution? A BIG ASS SHOP that’s what.

“With a completely new interface and expanded shelves, you now have 6 options in the shop per skill row.” explained Joost. “You still can buy 3 items per row, but you will have all the items available to you to choose from during the game. This will give you more control over your build, allows for situational items to become a lot more interesting and hopefully we’ll see more items being picked..*cough*baby kuri mammoth*cough*! We are certain you are going to enjoy this major overhaul!”

You can read the full beta patch notes here.