Back 4 Blood team is growing to support new stories and missions

Back 4 Blood developer Turtle Rock is hiring for more than 20 new developer positions to continue adding new adventures and characters to the co-op zombie game

Back 4 Blood beta concurrent player counts

With a new expansion and Chapter 5 on the horizon, Back 4 Blood has plenty more in store for fans of the co-op zombie game. Developer Turtle Rock Studios has recently posted a raft of more than 20 new developer positions, with many specifically mentioning continuing content and support for Back 4 Blood, including new characters, stories, missions, and more.

The positions run from art and animation to engineering and production, and cover the range of game development. Most mention Back 4 Blood by name, and suggest that Turtle Rock intends to produce new stories, characters, missions, and maps for Back 4 Blood.

The ad for a lead writer role says the successful candidate will “work closely with our Creative Director and project leads to create and oversee compelling stories, characters, and content that form the backbone of [Back 4 Blood’s] story,” and will be responsible for leading in “the continuation of the core story and narrative elements as directed.”

Another position, senior systems designer, will be responsible for designing and prototyping “unique gameplay systems with a focus on game feel, scalability, and player experience,” which suggests that Back 4 Blood will evolve over time, adding new systems to the existing experience.

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The full list of open positions can be found on Turtle Rock’s careers page. Some of the jobs listed are open to remote work arrangements, but the senior positions appear to be on-site at Turtle Rock’s Lake Forest, California offices.