Back 4 Blood update lets you kick players, and yourself

The new Back 4 Blood update 1.08 is out and fans of the co-op horror game now have the ability to kick players at last - or get themselves kicked, too

Holly in the Back 4 Blood update 1.08 can now kick a lot

The latest patch for Turtle Rock and Warner Bros’ co-op horror game is out, and Back 4 Blood update 1.08 adds a major feature some players have asked for since the zombie game launched in 2021 – the ability to kick “problematic” players from the team, or yourself if you do too much friendly fire damage.

Back 4 Blood is definitely one of the best co-op games on PC, but despite it launching in October 2021 there has never really been a way to kick useless or uncooperative co-op players from the game. Given that it’s a pretty difficult game even with all four players doing their best, having one of those go AFK or run amok with friendly fire is deeply annoying.

The June 2022 update seeks to change that, with a system that “identifies and allows kicking from a mission” when one player is idle for too long or inflicts too much friendly fire damage. The developers explain that this is a “conditional kick feature that will only trigger if someone is playing outside the bounds of the game” – rather than the option for other players to freely vote off anyone, which the team believes “can be exploitable and toxic.” Turtle Rock adds that this feature is “not final and we will be monitoring it closely.”

Elsewhere in the update, Turtle Rock has also added a “Full Deck Draw” option where a team gets to play all 15 Back 4 Blood cards right at the start of a campaign, which might things a little easier – although the developer notes that “some difficulties have been rebalanced to work better with this feature.”

There are also a load of new skins, cards, and bug-fixes too. There are a lot of features planned on the Back 4 Blood Trello board, including a possible new co-op mode. The team confirmed that Back 4 Blood is “here to stay” despite it being picked up by TenCent, and Turtle Rock plans to make it a full franchise.

In equally horrifying news, E3 is coming back in 2023. There will probably be more horror game news at Summer Game Fest, and you can check out the full schedule at that link.