Crytek launch Back to Dinosaur Island VR demo on Steam, T-Rex nuzzling: enabled


Where does 15 years of CryEngine get us? Staring straight into the jaws of a hulking tyrannosaurus rex, apparently. Crytek have just launched their staggering VR demo on Steam, making it available for anyone who’s got a spare Oculus Rift hanging around and collecting dust to try out.

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The demo places players directly in a dinosaur’s nest, allowing them to explore the area around them by turning their heads. While short on interactive elements, the visual fidelity of the CryEngine is certainly impressive compared to what’s previously been seen on VR devices. The big set piece of Crytek’s showcase is of course the gigantic – though surprisingly friendly – T-rex, who turns up to roar and stomp at the player for a bit before buggering off.

The demo was originally shown off earlier this year at GDC, but it’s only now that they’ve launched Back to Dinosaur Island on Steam for gamers to try at home.