Guerrilla Collective and Paradox Insider – our round-up of all the news

Here's everything you need to know from today's showcases, including details on Baldur's Gate 3 and Crusader Kings 3

Not-E3 season is in full swing, and while you can check out our summer game announcement schedule for full details on everything that’s coming up, today is set to be perhaps the biggest news dump of them all for us PC gamers. A set of four shows will broadcast today: Guerrilla Collective, Paradox Insider, the PC Gaming Show, and the Future Games Show, each of which promises plenty of news on upcoming PC games.

First up, we have Guerrilla Collective at 9:00 PDT / 12:00 EDT / 17:00 BST – a partnership of indie devs and smaller publishers that promises big news on PC’s biggest independent games. The Guerrilla Collective runs over three days, but this first day showcase is expected to bring us fresh news on Baldur’s Gate 3, Disco Elysium, Dwarf Fortress, and more.

Then we’ve got the Paradox Insider showcase, produced in partnership with Guerrilla Collective and broadcast from the same channels at 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST. Paradox promises updates on titles including Crusader Kings 3 and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, so there’s plenty to be excited for.

You can watch both shows on Twitch. As the show progresses, we’ll update this page with quick rundowns on all the announcements, updating as we go with links to all the trailers and news from the showcase. Stick with us on the PCGamesN homepage for more detailed coverage of all the biggest announcements.

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New System Shock trailer

We’ve got a new trailer featuring alpha footage from the System Shock remake, with the promise of a demo soon.

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Cardaclysm trailer

We got a trailer for a single-player card battling game called Cardaclysm, promising no microtransactions.

Uragun trailer

Launching in early form in Q3.

Exo one comes launches this year

Control a UFO when Exo One launches on Steam in 2020.

Almighty kill your gods trailer

Coming to consoles and PC.

Roki launches July 23

A “modern day tale of courage and adventure” coming very soon.

Genesis Noir is a jazzy adventure game

A point and click adventure with an abstract art style and minimal inventory puzzles.

Doors of Insanity coming to Steam

A colourful but hyper-violent card battler making its debut as part of Guerrilla Collective.

A Juggler’s Tale coming to PC

An ornate puzzle-platformer where you puppeteer a young girl.

Deliver Mail in Lake

Lake puts you in the perspective of a rural mailwoman.

Fresh Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay

The dating sim-meets-dungeon crawler offers up a new look at gameplay.

Colt Canyon coming to steam

A violent, cowboy-themed top-down shooter.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 hits early access August 2020 (maybe)

We get a cinematic new look at Baldur’s Gate 3, including a planned Early Access release date for August – if everything goes according to plan, Larian explains.

Disco Elysium is now on the Epic Games Store

If you want more PC places to play Disco Elysium, it’s now on Epic.

West of Dead hits Steam June 18

Stylish undead cowboys and twin-stick shooting? Check.

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New look at the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress

Tarn Adams shows off more of the new, graphics-enhanced version of Dwarf Fortress.

Valheim beta coming soon

A lovely 3D game influenced by Norse myth.

Ultrakill has a demo now

A fast-paced, hyper-violent retro FPS.

Children of Morta gets new characters

More free DLC is coming to Children of Morta.

Final Frostpunk update launches this summer

We got a fresh look at new Frostpunk content, going back in time to before the apocalyptic frost – On the Edge.

New Fights in Tight Spaces trailer

A fresh look at the game that puts John Wick, Slay the Spire, and Superhot all in one tidy package.

Liberated launches July 2020

A monochrome side-scrolling action game hitting Steam next month.

Gestalt: Steam and Cinder launches in 2020

An action-platformer with a little bit of anime style and a whole lot of gorgeous pixel art.

Swim Sanity launches in 2020

An underwater multiplayer action game with what looks like both cooperative challenges and Smash Bros-style arena battles – and cross-play.

No Place for Bravery hits in 2021

A gorgeous, violent top-down action game on the way to Steam.

Haven gets another beautiful trailer

Haven remains an absolutely gorgeous-looking 3D RPG.

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Gonner 2 launches in 2020

Gonner’s getting a sequel, coming this year.

Just Die Already will just keep coming

Death Stranding – uh, er- I mean Just Die Already gets an absolutely wild trailer.

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New look at Crusader Kings 3

The devs at Paradox showcase a more in-depth, in-game look at the new CK3 features they’ve been detailing over the past several months.

More Empire of Sin gameplay

The mafia-themed strategy game from Romero Games offers up a more detailed look at how you’ll manage your criminal empire.

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New Prison Architect: Island Bound trailer

The summer-themed Prison Architect expansion shows a bit more of what to expect.

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Next Surviving the Aftermath Update launches June 18

The futuristic survival-focused city-building game runs down many of the changes that have come over the course of early access – the next update lands very soon.

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Extended Bloodlines 2 trailer debuts

It’s the trailer from the Xbox show, but longer, and with Damsel!