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Steam briefly broke when Baldur’s Gate 3 hit Early Access

On the bright side, the new game from Larian is selling quite well

Baldur's Gate 3

Steam briefly had a wobble last night when Baldur’s Gate 3 hit Early Access. Players took to Reddit and Twitter to report that they couldn’t purchase the new PC game. Some were met with messages saying they were “attempting a lot of purchases in the last few hours”, whereas others were met with basic error messages. Some people just hopped over to GOG to get their fix, while others stuck it out on Steam and got there eventually.

While it can’t be said for certain if the new Baldur’s Gate game was behind Steam’s rough patch, it looks likely. If you check Steamstat.us, an unofficial status website for Valve’s storefront, you’ll notice that the connection managers note a dip at two points in the last 24 hours – one when the game came out, and another a few hours later.

Despite the minor wobble, though, Baldur’s Gate 3 is enjoying a fine start to life in Early Access on Steam. Larian boss Swen Vincke took to Twitter to say that “sales are insane – this is just Early Access you all. We just wanted to have a nice little community to iterate with. Now what are we going to do?”

While there are no numbers yet officially, SteamDB reveals that just under 74k players were playing the RPG at its peak on Steam alone – not too shabby.

If you’re on the fence about buying this one, then you can check out our Baldur’s Gate 3 impressions for some buying advice. Spoiler: it’s quite good. Rich reckons that “If the finished game is like this early access demo, it’ll be the definitive D&D videogame”.

If you’re already making your way through the game, then our Baldur’s Gate 3 classes and Baldur’s Gate 3 races guides might make the trip a tad easier.