The developers of Baldur’s Gate are making a new game and they want testers

baldur's gate

If you’re a fan of Baldur’s Gate, it looks like some good news is on the horizon. Beamdog, owners of the Baldur’s Gate license, are looking for testers for their next game. Judging by the wording used, it’s going to be an RPG.

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In a post on the Beamdog forums, the developers are asking for community members to sign up for beta testing, but they say they’re not ready to announce yet. Expect to have to sign an NDA if you’re selected.

“Do you want to help test out the latest game from Beamdog?,” asks the post. “We’re currently looking for adventurers, warriors, rogues, wizards, druids, clerics, rangers, monks and shamans who are interested in testing of our next game.”

It looks like it’s being developed for both PC and tablet, so make sure you have one or the other. With you being here, I’m going to assume you have a PC. Either that or you like us despite not owning a PC and that’s just absurd.

If you want to get in on the action, head to the Beamdog forums and follow the instructions.

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