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Batman: Arkham Knight trailer suggests new ways to enter and exit vehicles

Batman: Arkham Knight trailer

You can now slap your eyes on a gameplay trailer for Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Knight, though really you’ll just be watching a bunch of super-serious cinematics overselling the fact that shit is indeed going down in Gotham. 

Also, you’ll be able to see Batman drive, which he sometimes does upside down. It’s no more silly than the way he enters and exits the vehicle. 

I worry that the focus on the Batmobile is going to do the game no favours unless Rocksteady manages to get the series out of the rut it’s been in since it left Arkham Asylum, as a nearly empty city only filled with generic thugs and the same popular villains like Two-Face and Penguin doesn’t seem like a fun playground anymore.

If we’re really going to “be the Batman” then the reliance on gadgets and punching people in the face is really going to need to make way for the compelling detective work and character development that makes Batman so interesting.

We’ll have to wait until October this year to find out.