Bundle Stars offer Batman: Arkham Knight for $4.99 in 24-hour flash sale

Arkham Knight on PC October

Batman: Arkham Knight’s launch was a shambles. We all know that. Thing is, underneath those single-digit frames was a really solid game, and it looks amazing on PC. I replayed it recently and the game worked a treat on my rig. If you fancied donning the cowl to see how it fares now, there’s a great flash sale where you can pick it up super cheap. 

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If you head to Bundle Stars, they’re currently offering Batman: Arkham Knight for $4.99. 

That’s the lowest historical price for the open-world action game, but you can only get it over 24 hours, starting today at 4pm GMT.

It’s part of Bundle Stars’ Star Deal promotion, which you can sign up for alerts for on their website. 

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icheyne(1 day 20 hours played)
10 Months ago

This is a great deal. Arkham Knight worked beautifully at 30fps on my rig too. That's fine for playing with a controller and it is designed for playing with a controller. I'm not sure why Arkham Knight got so much stick compared to Deus Ex:Mankind Divided, which was unplayably buggy.