The Batmobile is integral to Arkham Knight: “Batman wouldn’t use it if he didn’t need it”

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile is integral

Rocksteady have posted the second part of Batman: Arkham Knight’s Ace Chemicals infiltration mission, with the Batmobile once again front and centre, and amid the flashes of gunfire and the battle between drone tanks and the Dark Knight’s favourite mode of transport, I started to forget that I was watching something that was related to the Caped Crusader. 

How does the World’s Greatest Detective deal with a bunch of futuristic tanks? He uses a gattling gun, apparently. 

In an AMA a few days ago, Rocksteady really emphasised the relationship between Batman and his ride. Bat’s suit has been upgraded yet again, to the point where he’s starting to look more like a cross between Robocop and his British counterpart, Knight, than regular old Batman.

“We wanted to highlight the interaction between Batman and the Batmobile – you’ll see that the suit mirrors the design of the car in a lot of ways. The new suit impacts gameplay as well, as it enhances some of Batman’s abilities, particularly in the way the Batman and the car work together.”

The Batmobile will also be mandatory in some missions, though there will be points where Batman won’t be able to rely on its absurd destructive capabilities.

“When we added the Batmobile to the game, we wanted to make sure it’s a fun, meaningful addition to every part of the game. Batman wouldn’t use it if he didn’t need it. So there will be points in the main story where you will need to use the Batmobile to progress, and if you’re anything like me, there will be points where you can’t use the Batmobile and wish it was there!”

You’ve got a long wait ahead of you if you’re getting all hot and bothered over Arkham Knight, as the game was delayed a wee while ago, pushing it back to June next year.