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There’s a bit at 1:10 in the new Batman: Arkham Knight trailer that’ll make you do a glee-laugh

Batman: Arkham Knight

If you’re playing Watch Dogs, you might have had your fill of playing Batman by the time Arkham Knight rolls around in 2015.

But Rocksteady have done a good job of distinguishing their latest from every other growly-voiced vigilante sim currently out there. Starting with a side-strafing tank. It all gets a bit Titanfall, frankly.

“Bruce, I’ve found Penguin!”

“Steady on, love, I’m busy turning the analogue stick all the way around so that I can get a better look at me bump-mapped face. Oof! That’s next-gen, that is.”

Uh, thanks for the glitchy meta-ending, Scarecrow. We were all on the verge of trying Twitch instead.

Open world protagonists should always live in really tall towers with no stairs, don’t you think? I’ve thought that way ever since Avalanche decided to start Just Cause 2’s demo on top of a mountain.