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It’s time to don the cowl - Batman: Arkham VR is now live on Steam, alongside Batsale

Batman: Arkham VR

Holy Batsale, Batman. Warner Bros are holding a Steam sale on Batman titles in celebration of the fact that Batman: Arkham VR has finally left PSVR exclusivity behind and swooped onto Steam. 

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Batman: Arkham VR puts players behind the cowl of the Batman, letting them explore the Batcave, play with the Batcomputer, throw Batarangs, and do lots of other things based around words that begin with the syllable“Bat”.

I played it on PSVR and it was bloody great, to be honest. It really sells the Batfantasy – especially when you catch yourself in the reflection on a computer screen and it’s like: “I’m Batman”. You can also make Batman do really weird things, such as this:

Listen, if that hasn’t sold you on it, I don’t know what to say.

If you don’t have a HTC Vive or and Oculus Rift with the Touch controllers, you can always grab one of the other Batman: Arkham games that are on sale right now. Or if you prefer less serious Batman, the Lego games are also going cheap.