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New Batman game teasers hint at August 18 reveal

Looks like we're going to know more about the next Batman game within 24 hours

It’s been a long Halloween for Batman fans, but while the follow-up to the Arkham series is due to be properly revealed at DC Fandome this weekend, it seems we’re getting some details even sooner than that. Developer WB Montreal has launched a new teaser site counting down to, well, something on August 18.

The R3DAKT3D site features the message “we have been expecting you”, and the date of August 18. A tiny timer at the bottom of the page is counting down to August 18 at 8:00 PDT / 11:00 EDT / 16:00 BST. A further teaser video posted on Twitter is more difficult to parse, but does include some owl-related imagery – once again adding weight to those long-standing Court of Owls rumours.

More substantial reports from a few months ago suggest that this new game will be based on the Gotham Knights – a title used to refer to the extended family of Batman characters, like Nightwing, Oracle, and Batwoman. WB registered a GothamKnights.com web domain a few months ago, alongside SuicideSquadKillTheJusticeLeague.com – and Rocksteady has now confirmed that it is, indeed, working on Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Don’t expect the August 18 reveal to be especially substantial, as WB Montreal plans to show the “first look” at the game during its DC Fandome event on August 22 at 10:30 PDT / 13:30 EDT / 18:30 BST.

For now, there are plenty more action-adventure games on PC to give you those superheroic feelings ahead of the next digital chapters of the DC universe.