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Batman profiled in Infinite Crisis video


Infinite Crisis have just released a champion profile on Gotham city’s most iconic hero: Batman. From the footage it looks like Batman is played as a durable harasser/ganker, keeping his lane in check while prowling the night for his prey. He relies on his martial arts and gadgets to single out his foes before stun locking them to their demise. 

Also, he’s Batman.

Check out the champion profile:

I’ve not played Infinite Crisis, but I’ve got knowledge from LoL and Dota to help me. It seems like Batman is a pain in the ass to lane against, constantly harassing the enemy champions with his batarangs and martial arts dash skill.

When the laning phase is over he can go roaming in search for kills, using his skills to damage, stunlock and ultimately destroy his opponents. Between kills he can use his healing ability while stealthed to recuperate, ready for the next hunt.

His ultimate is useful for closing down on fleeing enemies, while also splitting up the enemy team in those important fights.