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Batman will return, says Warner Bros. - "The possibilities are endless"


Just because Rocksteady are done with Batman, it doesn't mean Warner Bros are hanging up the cape and cowl. You can still batter other DC characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and the LEGO Batman games have you covered for some of your wilder batfantasies, but don't rule out a return to the Arkham series just yet.

Ames Kirshen, vice president of product development for the Arkham and DC Comics games at Warner Bros, recently had an interview with the PlayStation Blog where he reassured them that we'd be seeing more of the violent vigilante in the future.

“Batman is one of the cornerstone IPs for Warner Bros," says Kirshen. "With the Arkham series, we were finally able to realise the full potential of the character. We don’t have anything to talk about at this time, but the possibilities are endless with a character as dynamic and beloved as Batman.”

Could this mean we might see more Arkham games? I'd put money on it.

And I'd put your money on it being developed by Avalanche Studios - not my money, just in case I'm wrong. Avalanche essentially just had a trial run with Mad Max, after all; it's an open-world, it has a car and shares the fundamentals of the Arkham combat system. It just fits, doesn't it? 

Which studio would you like to see tackle the Arkham series and why? Let us know in the comments?

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Loki_uk avatarKirk McKeand avatarTsunamiWombat avatarPrime avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Loki_uk Avatar
2 Years ago

I hope it's Avalanche - Mad Max is beautiful, incredibly stable (alt-tab all you want), fast and only uses about 4GB of memory.

Whereas Arkham Knight is the worst software port I have ever played and I have played quite a few Ubisoft games. It uses almost all the 8GB memory (ocassionally stuttering to a stop as it decides to page out to disk) and even when it doesn't (I keep track of memory usage on the G15 keyboard) then it crashes, hangs and sometimes bluescreens. Occasionally the sound just stops. This is after the Steam patching too - I couldn't even get it to start 70% of the time before they withdrew it and started patching. I'm enjoying the actual plot of the game - but it really is making it hard to win, what with every boss battle being spoiled by 10 or 20 second hangs during vital parts.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
2 Years ago

It's been basically unplayable to me since day one, and I have a GeForce 970 and 8gb of memory. Agree with the Avalanche stuff, too. Mad Max is a gorgeous game. It could do with a little more gameplay variety, but you can't fault its technical prowess.

TsunamiWombat Avatar
2 Years ago

I'd like to see the series rest for a bit. Arkham Knight was probably the weakest entry, good as it was (except for the port lol). The magic was gone, the creativity squeezed out. It was good that Rocksteady got out when they did. If Arkham Origins are any indication, Batmanning Batman games are probably going to go downhill from here.

Prime Avatar
2 Years ago

Avalanche. It only makes sense.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Could we have a '60s Batman game by way of The Brave and the Bold? (Which was essentially silver age Batman with contemporary self awareness versus '60s villains and it was lovely.) I like humour in video games. Versus the grand sea of All That is Po-Faced, I think it's a hugely under-appreciated thing.

Sure, there's LEGO, but the mechanics are a little tired by this point as it's largely just the same thing time and time again. And they were better at it in their older games rather than their newer ones, too. The nauseating grind of Marvel Superheroes proved that beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Perhaps Batman with some more of that actual detective work he's supposed to do along with the biffing and the boffing, eh? I want more boffin with my boffing!