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Telltale’s Batman episode two out September 20, spoiler-packed trailer debuts the gun-toting Children of Arkham

Telltale Batman Episode 2

Telltale might have got the messaging on regular episodes. Batman’s next outing is in just a few days on September 20. Titled Children of Arkham, it focuses on the (spoilers for episode one) revealed corruption within the Wayne family, Batman’s insecurity about his family’s past and trying to not get a load of people shot. For masked villains, the Children seem appropriately creepy too.

We worked out what Telltale’s next games would be. All of them.

Hopefully it can improve on the first episode which Matt enjoyed but said he far prefered Telltale’s Bruce Wayne to Telltale’s Batman. Based on the trailer at least, your time looks to favour the suit-and-tie rather than the cape-and-cowl.

Out September 20, it marks only a six week gap between eps. Hopefully that will be the maximum we end up waiting each time, and Telltale can start to pull back towards the more regular cadence people have been asking for.