Two-Face and The Joker come to Gotham in new trailer for Telltale’s Batman episode four

Batman: The Telltale Series

Narrative game makers Telltale uploaded a new trailer to their YouTube channel yesterday, announcing the next instalment in their episodic Batman game. 

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Entitled ‘Guardian of Gotham’, the episode takes place under Harvey Dent’s mayoralty, which is shown to be disturbingly authoritarian. The story will deal with his descent into villainy as Two-Face following his scarring in earlier episodes.

There were some secondary scenes set in Arkham Asylum, which finally introduced The Joker, but it seems he’s yet to pose any kind of threat: we only see him locked up in Arkham, cackling, without his red lipstick or purple suit. Perhaps he’s simply being teased before breaking out at the end of the episode, and will be the series’s final villain in episode five, when it concludes.

The Children of Arkham thread will also develop, with Oswald Cobblepot – aka The Penguin – threatening that the group “are going to walk all over this city”.

Guardian of Gotham is out on November 22, and will be added free if you’ve already bought the series. If you haven’t, it’s on Steam for £18.99 ($24.99 US).

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