WB Games Montreal are hiring for two new DC Comics games

Batman Arkham Origins

A new pop-up box on the WB Games Montreal recruitment website has announced that two new games set in the DC Comics universe are in production. 

Let’s hope any DC game by WB Games Montreal is in better shape than the disasterous Batman: Arkham Knight PC port.

“We are a growing studio with two AAA projects in development focused on expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space,” reads the advert, which leads to a list of eleven job vacancies including programmer rendering, senior animator, and senior character artist.

The Montreal-based WB Games studio had stated back in 2011 that the intention was to make multiple DC universe games, the first of which was Batman: Arkham Origins, released in 2013. Since then there’s been no official word on other DC games, although there were rumours at one point about a Silver Age-set Justice League game.

The ‘Arkham’ series is finished, with Arkham Knight being the final Batman game being created by Rocksteady. There’s no reason why WB Games Montreal can’t continue with Batman games, but with DC comics about to continue their film and TV crusade with Suicide Squad, further episodes of Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, and the new Legends of Tomorrow series, it seems prime time that games started exploring the non-Dark Knight corners of the DC universe. It’s a huge and exciting place!

What comics and characters would you like to see WB Games Montreal bring to life?

Thanks, Eurogamer.