Battalion 1944 stretch goals revealed – it’ll get a single-player at £1.2 million

Battalion 1944

Battalion 1944 has had its stretch goals revealed, its ultimate goal being the addition of a fully fledged single-player campaign. 

Perhaps we’ll see Battalion 1944 join our list of the best FPS games on PC one day.

Battalion 1944 is well past funded, with £254,000 raised of its £100,000 goal at the time of writing, and with six days still to go. Some stretch goals have already been hit, allowing Bulkhead Interactive to hire a community manager and add enhanced particle effects to the game so far.

As for the upcoming stretch goals, a boot camp map and a D-Day map will be added at £275,000 and £300,00 respectively. For £325,000 the British forces will join the fight with full character sets, animations and cosmetic variation alongside British weapons like the Lee-Enfeild bolt action rifle and the Sten sub-machine gun.

For a further £400,000 the Eastern front will be added to the game, along with entire character sets for the The Red Army and German Wehrmacht of the eastern front. This will include Soviet weapons like the PPSh-41 and Mosin-Nagant – a long range weapon used by the famous female Russian snipers in the defence of cities like Stalingrad and Moscow, and in the destruction of The Nazi Regime in Europe.

If both British and Russian stretch goals are hit, Battalion 1944 will allow players to fight in maps based on both the British and Russian campaigns, adding more international WWII battlegrounds to the WWII shooter.For £600,000 the team aim to add The Pacific Theatre to the game.

Bulkhead Interactive are also planning on implementing an offline ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ mode, where you can face off against AI bots and compete for high scores against your pals. A fully-fledged single-player mode is a much more expensive undertaking, though, and will only be added if funding exceeds £1.2 million.

“We’ve been closely listening to all the comments we’ve received from the Battalion community, and we’re responding directly through our stretch goals,” said Bulkhead Interactive executive producer Joe Brammer. “This was the reasoning behind waiting so long for stretch goals, to give us a chance to listen to our community. We’ve taken the most requested community features and added them to our development checklist with realistic funding goals. This is the sort of money that can help us challenge the modern shooters.”

If you want to look at the full stretch goals or back the game, head over to the Battalion 1944 Kickstarter page.