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New fast-paced, StarCraft inspired RTS game Battle Aces sets beta date

New Steam RTS game Battle Aces kicks off a closed beta next week, and you can sign up now for a chance to join in on the playtest.

New RTS game inspired by StarCraft opens beta signups - A character in Battle Aces, the new strategy game from former SC2 designer David Kim

If, like me, there’s a hole in your heart where StarCraft 3 or a new Command and Conquer game should be, one rapid new RTS game is about to jump in with a playtest you can join. Battle Aces puts a bitesize spin on the format, designed to strip out the fluff and busywork in favor of perfectly sized strategy game chunks. With sign-ups live now, you can already register your interest ahead of the imminent Battle Aces closed beta test.

Typically, a sub-ten minute match in the best RTS games is indicative of some cheesy tactics catching one player off-guard. StarCraft has its Zergling rushes and proxy Barracks strategies, while Command and Conquer has its helicopter offensives and Red Alert those notorious light tank spam builds. In Battle Aces, however, speed is the name of the game, with a ten minute timer ensuring that every single match is kept short but snappy.

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Offering both 1v1 and 2v2 match types, Battle Aces strips out a lot of the economy and building you’d expect from most RTS games. In its place is a selection of 45 distinct units, each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. From this you handpick a ‘unit deck’ to take into battle, meaning that there is huge potential for creative strategies and a real focus on your mid-match tactical decisions.

There’s plenty of weight behind this newcomer, too. Developer Uncapped Games features veteran players and developers who previously worked on the likes of StarCraft 2 and Warhammer: Dawn of War 2. Senior game director David Kim in particular will be well-known to Blizzard fans as a lead developer and balance designer on SC2 – among his many claims to fame, he built a large majority of the PvP maps.

Uncapped says it hopes Battle Aces can deliver “a paradigm shift in the RTS genre,” combining the team’s favorite elements of traditional real-time strategy with a modern feel and innovative systems. We spoke to the team at Summer Game Fest where they told us about making Battle Aces an approachable RTS.

Battle Aces closed beta - Two forces clash in this fast-paced new RTS game.

Now, it’s after “passionate players to help us fine-tune the gameplay, identify any issues, and provide valuable feedback.” If you think you fit the bill and want to help shape Battle Aces into something truly special, you can sign up to join the beta now.

The Battle Aces closed beta starts Tuesday June 25. Sign-ups are live now, and spots will be handed out at random among those who apply. If you’re eager to test it out for yourself, simply head over to the Battle Aces website to register your interest. You’ll need to connect your Steam account to do so.

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