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Battleborn is the only videogame sold at Five Below, a retailer where everything’s under $5

Battleborn characters Miko

You can’t help but feel a bit sorry for Battleborn. Some people are just born at the wrong time, and such is the case with Gearbox’s hero shooter, released pretty much alongside Blizzard’s powerhouse, Overwatch. Battleborn, indeed. 

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We’ve already seen Battleborn be included in ridiculously good-value Humble Bundles and the like, but this latest offer looks the be the final nail in its bullet-riddled coffin. Sentient mushrooms have coffins, right?

Five Below is one of those discount stores that just collects bargains in bulk and then sells them on for a slight mark-up. If you live in England, this is essentially America’s Poundland.

“Catering to teens, pre-teens and their parents, Five Below carries an ever-evolving and exciting assortment of cell phone cases and chargers, remote control cars, yoga pants, graphic tees, nail polish, footballs and soccer balls, tons of candy and seasonal must-haves for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and more,” says the site’s ‘about us’ page.

In Five Below, everything is $1-$5. Battleborn has the dubious honour of being classed as a high-ticket item in this store, selling for a whopping $5. Oh, and it’s also the only game the place sells.

If you fancy grabbing Battleborn for a fiver, head to the Five Below site and snatch it up, though they only have console editions currently.