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Microtransactions are coming to Battleborn on June 16, won't affect gameplay


Gearbox are putting a great big “it’s definitely a MOBA” stamp on Battleborn tomorrow, as they introduce a bounty of microtransactions for the game. Players will be able to buy skins and for the 26 heroes in the game as well as taunts for Benedict, Ghalt, Whiskey Foxtrot, Oscar Mike, Shayne & Aurox, El Dragon, Kleese, and Alani - more may be added later.

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Skins and taunts for battleborn can currently be earned through gameplay and are only cosmetic items, adding no gameplay benefits to players. The expansion of Battleborn’s in-game marketplace will add a paywall between premium items and those that are earned through play rather than the new in-game currency, Platinum.

Here’s how much Platinum will cost:

$1.99 for 230 Platinum
$4.99 for 700 Platinum
$9.99 for 1625 Platinum
$19.99 for 3500 Platinum
$49.99 for 9300 Platinum

With skins due to cost 420 platinum and taunts marking the lowest price point at 230 Platinum, or $1.99.

Gearbox were keen to hammer in two points throughout the announcement blog post: that these extras won’t affect gameplay in any way, and that Battleborn is badass (they made this clear by using the word as many times as possible, which is three times).

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n0pax avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
n0pax Avatar
1 Year ago

2K or Ubi, which is worse?

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

It's unfortunate, because it's a beautiful game with the best and most diverse roster of characters I've seen in anything this side of a decade. It's a fucking shame. It's really their balancing team that's cocked this up by not understanding how balancing works, and not separating PvE and PvP balancing BEFORE the game launched.

That's why I'm going to say it's suffering, right now, and in need of more funds. Hence this move. It's a similar thing to what killed off Champions Online. People don't like being grotesquely underpowered, nor do they like crazy person nerfs. I mean, since the launch of the game it's just been nerf, nerf, and nerf some more. Their only buff was to a character who didn't need it, whom they later nerfed again. It's very unfortunate.

They need to look at ESO to figure out how to have a NUMERICAL BASELINE for balancing each aspect of their game, so that they can even begin to understand that there are ridiculously underpowered heroes in the game. Like Toby, for example.

And it really is a shame. Because the character-driven dialogue, the locations, and just the feeling of fun in this game is just second to none. I even love the AI and how different mobs have different ways of doing things. I love how incredibly different each character's feel of play is, rather than just being a spectacle-laden gimmick festival, like some other game I could name, but won't. If I did, I'd have to acknowledge its existence and what Blizzard had the power to do to people. Not happening. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. ANYWAY.

It's also so progressive, with such a wonderful showing of characters. It may even be historically remembered as a game where players of other games didn't realise one of the cast was a woman because she didn't have giant tits and straight, male gamers seem to believe that gender dimorphism is tits?!?! (I will keep bringing that up, yes.)

So... there's so much good to say about it. I'm disappointed by this move, but not surprised. They are struggling. I just hope they've learned from this and give their current balancing team the boot. It was bad balancing that killed off Champions Online, and I dearly loved that game, too.