Battleborn release date slips to May 2016, because “creating new IP is hard”


Have you been counting down the milliseconds until Gearbox’s MOBA/shooter hybrid launches? Bad news: Battleborn’s release date has been pushed back until May 3rd, 2016. Yes, I know it’s upsetting. We were all looking forward to blasting away with an eclectic bunch of fantasy characters with preposterously proportioned limbs.

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Gearbox recently confirmed the delay via Twitter:

Ah well, at least the delay is only fairly minor – Battleborn was originally due out Feb 9th. Considering the studio you’re dealing with, a couple of months really is but a teeny tiny drop in the ocean. After all, both Aliens: Colonial Marines and the Gearbox-salvaged Duke Nukem Forever were delayed by precisely 64 billion years.

Last time we had a Battleborn hands-on, we described its unapologetically hectic, competitive shooting as akin to “eating a lot of cookie dough”. Personally, I’ve got no sort of sweet tooth, but I guess that’s a good thing.

Anyhoo, let’s hope the delay gives Gearbox more time to add some extra spit and shine to Battleborn. With 25 character classes, bold art design and three game modes, it’s certainly making the right noises. And lord knows the Texan studio could use another IP that’s worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as Borderlands.