Battleborn reveals three new characters with big playthroughs for each

Battleborn characters

Battleborn’s roster of larger-than-life heroes grows towards its launch-day 25 with the addition of Whisket Foxtrot, Kelvin and Shayne & Aurox. Respectively they are a gun-toting purple skinned berzerker-looking fellow, a huge golem that is actually an entire micro-organism civilization operating as one and an angry teenage girl bonded with some sort of energy-eating space beast. Gearbox are nothing if not imaginative.

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First up is Whiskey Foxtrot, debuted by YouTube channel Playstation Access in a bit of PvE boss-battling action:

He’s all about spitting out damage at long-range with a burst-shot assault rifle and sets of grenades. His other abilities give him a mid-range tool with an underslung shrapnel shotgun, and the option to go all-in with a larger, fully-auto clip. He even powers up as he kills more enemies. Watching the above footage, I hadn’t realised just how Borderlands-like Battleborn was. I knew it had non-PvP content and that the MOBA tag was a little mis-applied, but I’m certainly more interested in it now. Playstation Access also did a multiplayer video.

Meanwhile GhostRobohad the exclusive on Shayne & Aurox:

They work in tandem, Shayne sending Aurox to grab enemies, deal damage or otherwise cause trouble. They can also cloak to sneak up for a surprise, critical attack, and Shayne’s armed with a boomerang, because that’s what space-teenagers use to kill enemies – everybody knows that. When not knocking people off course with it, Aurox gets to pummel people in melee range.

Lastly there’s Kelvin, who debuted on the official Battleborn channel:

The golem man is all melee, but also a tank. Whenever he uses abilities it grants him a shield, and he can stun enemies with a massive ice wall as well as do serious damage once he manages to get close. His giant skull-face is also a bit terrifying, if I’m honest. No in-game effect there, but I’d be unnerved to see that chap charging at me.

Battleborn is out on May 3rd, just in time for my birthday. How do you think it’s looking so far? Gearbox say that it’s the most they’ve ever invested in a game.