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Battleborn’s Ghalt and Deande show off skill sets in new gameplay trailers

Battleborn Denade

When Battleborn arrives in May, it’ll bring with it an impressive roster of 25 playable characters. A few weeks back, we got the pleasure of meeting new faces Ghalt and Deande for the first time, and now we can see them in action courtesy of two new gameplay footage trailers that demo their skills on the battlefield. 

I’m looking forward to Battleborn’s co-op story campaign, but I wonder if it’ll match the standards of our best co-op games for PC.

Although Gearbox have suggested both characters won’t be immediately available to players – both are “extremely central to the plot of the game”, thus the developers want players to encounter them as story characters first – the following videos give but a glimpse of what we can expect from them when we do take the reins.

Ghalt is, apparently, the first character to spot the Battleborn universe is in danger. Besides a shotgun, he relies on a “hook and trap” strategy which whips enemies into range with a hook and chain, before dragging them across land-set traps and/or setting them up for a dual-barrelled blast.

Deande, on the other hand, is a stealthy assassin type with 1000 years Spymaster experience under her utility belt. She served the Jennerit Empire before the game’s archvillain Lothar Rendain stepped in and now appears to spend her time cloning herself and nipping around the battlefield in invisible stealth mode before striking when you least expect.

Check out both Ghalt and Deande in action below:

Just seven characters will be playable when Battleborn lands on May 3, with the rest unlockable as you go. What do you think of these guys?