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New Battleborn fighters round off 25 strong character roster with a Mexican wrestler and an OAP scientist


Boy, does Gearbox love dragging out character reveals for their upcoming MOBA. By my count, the Texan studio have now announced precisely 176,000 figters for Battleborn, even if the official roster is only a ‘mere’ 25. Now the final two combatants have snuck out in the form of a preposterously muscled Mexican wrestler and a badass, geriatric scientist.

Battleborn’s style of first-person combat certainly looks intriguing. Will it match up to the best FPS games on PC?

The aforementioned wrassler is called El Dragón, while the OAP man of science is named Kleese. Honouring Battleborn’s gloriously silly premise, the two fighters enjoy quite the eclectic set of moves, as a couple of freshly released trailers reveal.

El Dragón, who was was once known as Francesco Drake, now owns a pair of Terminator-esque arms, after his real ones were ripped off in his last ever squared circle bout. Still, sporting robo arms only further boosts the following abilities:

  • M-RBX Cybernetic Arms – launch a flurry of punches, a big ol’ clap and a devastating clothesline.
  • Dragon Splash – crush your enemies from above.
  • En Feugo – Explode and empower ElDragón’s attacks.

As for Kleese, the creaky lover of all things scientific not only gets a robotic wheelchair of doom, he’s also treated to this little list of gadgets and moves:

  • Wrist Cannon – unleash rapid energy blasts.
  • Shock Taser – quickly take down shields.
  • Energy Mortar – launches a barrage of mortars.
  • Energy Rift – restore friendly shields and damage enemies.
  • Black Hole – pulls in enemies and deals damage.

Battleborn launches on PC on May 3rd. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of whackiness.