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Battlefield 1 has a $130 Collector's Edition that doesn't include the actual game

Battlefield 1

There's a pricey Battlefield 1 Collector's Edition going for sale and it doesn't contain the game. Not even a download code for the game. It's $130. 

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Despite not coming with the actual game, this collector's edition doesn't release until a few days before the first-person shooter does, at which point it will be available to play on EA Access.

As you can see on Amazon, it comes with the following items: 

  • 14" statue
  • Exclusive steelbook 
  • Cloth poster 
  • Deck of playing cards 
  • Messenger pigeon tube containing exclusive DLC 
  • Exclusive patch 
  • Premium Packaging 

None of those things are a game, and the item listing makes it very clear that there's no game included.

While it is easy to laugh at such a thing existing, I could see it actually being quite popular with the PC crowd. I mean, most people are going to buy the game on Origin, right? Maybe those people would like all the merch from the collector's edition, so it kinda makes sense. 

Cheers, IGN.

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AnAuldWolf avatarLolssi avatarxNuke avatar
xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

I wish Blizzard did this.... Pre-order digitally so you get the in-game goodies immediately, but if you want the physical CE you have to wait until launch for in-game stuff.

This way you can pre-order the game on Origin and most likely get some sort of early access/beta access etc when it's available rather than be forced to wait until release.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Not having a retail version definitely makes sense. Not having a download code, though? That one's a head scratcher. Perhaps a lack of proper information is what we're seeing due to the lack of a physical copy being present, so it's assumed there's no download code.

If there's neither, though? Huh. ... Hm. Did they discount this versus the console versions to account for the lack of a game? Fascinating, really.