Battlefield 1 datamining reveals 10 multiplayer maps, a 20 level campaign and Behemoth mode

Battlefield 1

No matter who you are, never release an early game of your build on PC unless you’re prepared for everyone to know everything. There’s a closed, NDA’d alpha of Battlefield 1 going on right now, but eager infiltrators have already dug through the files and publically released all the information they’ve found. This includes everything from a full weapon and map list to a new mode, how the campaign is structured and more.

What’s next for PC games? Here’s everything we know about the future.

Reddit’s the place for most of the information, with the odd screenshot as backup. Here’s the highlights of what they’ve found so far:

  • The campaign will span six chapters with 20 levels. The disaster at Gallipoli is one of the final missions.
  • Various character names and subtitles for single-player, including an Edwards. No relation to PCGN founder Tim Edwards, I’m assured.
  • There will be “Road to Battlefield 1” missions added to BF4 and Hardline.
  • 42 weapons, including an Anti-Tank Gun, dynamite, a mortor and much more.
  • 20 gadgets, including six types of grenade, flareguns, gasmasks, syringes, etc.
  • Eight melee weapons, including both a mace and a club.
  • 10 maps with eight modes. These include Rush and Conquest returning from earlier games, as well as a mysterious “behemoth mode” which may involve fighting specifically around the blimps and armoured trains that feature on some maps.

There’s a bunch of other stuff too, including battlepack names and sounds, but no further massive details.

Perhaps most of note is the name of the final level (possible spoilers here, of course) being Saving A Life and the old story of Henry Tandey, a British soldier who reportedly didn’t shoot Adolf Hitler when given the chance in 1918. These dots were connected in a Reddit reply, but it could of course simply refer to a dramatic sacrifice made by the main character towards the end of the game, or a thousand other possibilities.

Thanks, EG.