Hardcore servers, Custom Games, Suez map tweaks and more are heading to Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 updates

EA and Dice are making sure we all carry on battling in fields, with a bunch of free content promised to land on Battlefield 1 some time this month. There will be Custom Games, Hardcore modes and a rework of the Suez map, among other bits and bobs.

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One of the headline additions is Hardcore servers, which presumably strips the UI down, turn of friendly-fire and up damage received, giving the game a more realistic feel.

Custom Games are also launching, With Fog of War up first. This Team Deathmatch experience has players fighting through the fog with the mini-map and soldier name tags turned off. It sounds like it could be a bit of fun.

Fog of War will debut at Battlefest, a week-long celebration of the Battlefield franchise beginning on November 16. The event will host new in-game activities, including log-in rewards, a livestream, a unique Battlepack revision, community missions, and more.

The Suez map is also getting a substantial balance tweak, based on player feedback. “Based on your input, we are changing the layout of the Suez map in Conquest to make the matches more balanced and the map size more fitting,” says the official announcement.

“We have expanded the layout to feature five instead of three flags. We’re also reducing the capture area size of the two control points located within the map’s villages (currently flag A and C) to create more dynamic matches. Furthermore, we’re adding one armoured vehicle to each team’s base to give dominated teams a better chance to quickly get across the map and capture a control point behind enemy lines.”

After all this, December sees the release of the game’s first free map, Giant’s Shadow. This map takes place in the Battle of the Selle in the cold autumn of 1918. It’s infantry and tank combat across open country, with a huge crashed airsip casting an ominous shadow over each encounter.

We’re also promised there’s even more to come.