Battlefield 1 multiplayer does not feature two huge armies at launch, France coming in DLC

Battlefield 1 Amiens

Update June 15, 2016: Talking to IGN France, DICE’s Julien Wera has confirmed that France will be added as part of a DLC pack.

“To really do justice to the French army in multiplayer and, once again, to show a side that we’re not used to seeing, we have chosen to dedicate an entire premium expansion with special treatment after the launch of the game,” he said.

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There’s still no word on Russia, but with this kind a treatment an Eastern Front DLC seems likely.

Original story:When going to war in Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, you won’t be able to step into the boots of two of the conflict’s biggest forces: France or Russia.

The Battlefield Twitter account recently tweeted a reveal of what forces will be available to play in the game’s multiplayer mode. They are the British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Italian, Ottoman, and American armed forces.

The First World War was, of course, fought frequently in the fields and towns of France. The country was decimated by the conflict, had one of the highest casualty rates, and their army was a key player in the entire war on the Western Front.

Similarly, the Russians fielded millions of soldiers on the Eastern Front, and were another major player in the war.

On the other hand, Italy joined the conflict in 1915, while the USA were involved for only the final year of the war.

The big question, naturally, is if these forces have been left out because DICE don’t believe they’re relevant to their audience, or if they’re not currently present because they’re part of the game’s DLC plans. It’s understandable why the US would be included, considering a heck of a lot of BF1 players will be from the States, but surely DICE don’t plan on leaving two huge forces out of the limelight? An ‘Eastern Front’ map pack seems almost inevitable.

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