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Battlefield 1 open beta stumbles following EA server outages

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The open beta for Battlefield 1 – DICE’s action-packed retelling of one of the most grizzly and life-consuming conflicts in human history – launched yesterday, August 31, but many were not able to access it because of widespread EA server outages.

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The problem occurred with EA’s Origin servers, which many assumed were simply struggling due to the influx of gamers wanting to try out the game during the beta’s first evening. However, hacker group PoodleCorp have claimed responsibility for the server outage after launching a targeted DDoS attack as the servers came online. While EA are yet to confirm the source of the outage, they have acknowledged server issues and have said they’re working to resolve the problem.

Servers are still down, and as you might expect people aren’t best pleased about the situation, with many asking that EA extend the open beta to make up for the current issues. As it stands, there’s still some waiting to do before you can try Battlefield 1 for yourself.