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The Russian Revolution comes to Battlefield 1 in new Tsaritsyn gameplay

In the Name of the Tsar BF1

Update August 21, 2017: EA have shown off another map from Battlefield 1’s In The Name Of The Tsar expansion.

EA showed off a brand new Battlefield 1 map at their Gamescom presentation, as well as a new content bundle to tempt new players. The In The Name of the Tsar expansion still doesn’t have an exact release date, though.

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The approximate expansion schedule was reconfirmed, with In The Name of the Tsar due sometime next month alongside a closed alpha for the new, competition-focused Incursions mode. The Turning Tides expansion will then follow in December, and Apocalypse early next year.

If you’ve yet to get in on the fun, EA unveiled a brand new package called Revolution, which will contain the base game plus all content released for it so far. It’ll also have the Premium Pass, which entitles you to all four expansion packs.

The presentation wrapped with a 64-player Conquest match on another of the six new maps coming in In The Name of the Tsar. Premium players can already test the much-trailed Lupkow Pass.

Named Tsaritsyn, the new map is unusually small for a game of Conquest, with only three flags and only one tank per team, leading to a hectic, infantry-focused game. A blanket of snow covers a town full of rubble as two Russian factions – the Red Army and the White Guard – fight, in a battle inspired by real-life events in the Bolshevik Revolution. The Cathedral of Light provides a striking centrepiece. You can watch the match yourself in the video above, courtesy of YouTuber jackfrags.

Original story June 10, 2017:In what’s a busy day for DICE, Battlefield 1’s next major DLC, In The Name Of The Tsar, has been fully revealed. Previously we’d only seen art and hints on the topic of Russia in Battlefield 1, but you can see what they actually look like in the trailer above.

The Russian portion for the game features six new maps, the Russian army, Hussar cavalry, 11 new weapons, deeper player progression, fresh specialisations and, most importantly, an all-new battallion of badass female fighters based off World War 1’s Battalion of Death. It’s the first time women are playable in the multiplayer portion of Battlefield. Just 100 years after they fought the real war.

More specifics include the introduction of theIlya-Muromets Heavy Bomber as a new vehicle, plus a mode called Supply Drop that hasn’t been detailed. EA are also changing the way that player profiles work, adding more persistance and more customisation of classes.

That’s playable at E3 and will release this September.

On top of all this, night maps are coming in summer: Neville Nights, where “players will engage in close quarters infantry combat through a vast network of trenches” and Prise da Tahure, with “French troops desperately trying to hold onto re-captured heights in the Butte-de-Tahure region.” This is part of regular, monthly updates due all the way up to the release of In The Name Of The Tsar. There’s also a competitive mode in development that will be shown off at Gamescom.

In The Name Of The Tsar will be followed by Turning Tides in December and Apocalypse in early 2018. They focus on amphibious warfare and the more horrific battles, respectively.