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Battlefield 1’s single-player trailer shows WW1 filtered through a summer blockbuster lens

Battlefield 1 single-player

Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign has been kept under wraps all this time but now, as we near its October 21 release – or even earlier if you have Origin Access – the lid is being blown off the game’s story mode in a shiny new trailer, which you can see above. It looks like it could be really good. 

It’s a different conflict, but WW2 games often have strong single-player campaigns. 

The reason a lot of WW2 games have strong campaigns is because they riff off of movies about the conflict, recreating iconic scenes like the Normandy beach landings in Saving Private Ryan. There’s not as much material to riff off for the first world war, but it looks like EA are still looking to movies for inspiration with Battlefield 1’s single-player.

I haven’t enjoyed the single-player portion of a Battlefield games since Bad Company 2, but I’m cautiously optimistic, as I’m full to the brim with playing games set in modern conflicts – this at least has a setting that’s mostly untouched in videogames.

I’m not expecting it to be authentic, but we can at least hope for it to be dramatic and exciting and, most of all, take advantage of what makes Battlefield’s online mode so good: emergent play, destruction, freedom, vehicles and, you know, battlefields, not corridors.