Get inside Battlefield 1’s tanks and planes with vehicular combat trailer

Battlefield 1

World War I, as well as being most famous for being the first in the unfinished trilogy of modern warfare, is best known for introducing terrifying automata to the battlefield.

While weapons of war like siege engines and cannons had existed for centuries, tanks and planes were brand new ways to eviscerate your fellow man at the turn of the twentieth century.

Now, with the imminent arrival of Battlefield 1, you too can experience what it was like to drive a massive sheet of iron with two rifles poking out of it, or fly a biplane so hilariously unwieldy pilots were more likely to die on attempting to land than during a dogfight.

Of course, some of the realities of war have been set aside for the purposes of entertainment, so the planes and the tanks look like they control a bit more smoothly. Also you won’t be forced to come to terms with the enormity of human life lost at the end of every round with a tattered flag flown over a field of poppies.

You can see some of the hot vehicle-on-vehicle action here while some members of DICE espouse how bad planes were. They also suggest that you become a vehicle-focused class once you’re in a vehicle, which is great because what’s the point in being a sniper in a tank which needs repairs?

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