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Want new maps in the Battlefield 1 beta? EA is taking requests

Battlefield 1 elite classes

It’s a credit to Battlefield 1 that, with just one map and two game modes on offer, its beta is currently blowing gamers away. Quite literally in fact. That’s kinda the point. According to the official Battlefield Twitter account, however, EA and DICE are currently taking suggestions for a new map to bring into the beta.

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As spotted by the handsome folk over at Videogamer, the Battlefield account has twice instructed gamers to head over to the official Battlefield forum if they want to request new maps to take on.

“We are taking suggestions for a new map here,” offers one tweet, before linking to the forums. Another sympathises with player frustration with the one map on offer before again linking to the Battlefield forums.

Just how much DICE will listen to any suggestions made – and I expect them to be plenty in number, if interest in the beta is anything to go by – remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a nice PR exercise to be seen to be listening, and a vital weapon in Battlefield 1‘s arsenal ahead of its forthcoming war with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Do you think if I suggest a beta level based in Sonic Mania, they’ll take me seriously?