Most talked about PC games at E3 are Battlefield 1 and Watch Dogs 2, few care about Modern Warfare Remastered

Battlefield 1 Monte Grappa

E3 is a hugely busy time for games on social media. Fans are posting updates and thoughts on everything they see and hear, cheering on their favorites and offering scathing hot takes on the things they hate. Analysis of social media activity over the first three days of E3 has revealed what the most talked-about games are, and it’s been a huge show for Battlefield 1. 

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The bar chart below displays mentions of games from EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo during the 12-14 June period, when the conferences were being held. The clear winner by a mile is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s new open-world game about that kid in a green hat. Considering people still claim Nintendo is dead, they rule the roost at E3 this year.

Most talked about games at E3

But let’s look at games on PC, considering we’re a PC site and all. Battlefield 1 leads the pack by a good distance, closing in on the 50,000 mentions mark. Battlefield’s closest PC rival comes in the form of Watch Dogs 2, the fourth-highest game on the table, but that’s in the region of 26,000. Quite a difference.

Other big hitters include South Park: The Fractured But Whole, which is gathering far more interest at about 25,000 mentions than Ubisoft stablemate For Honor, with only roughly two thirds the amount of social media presence. Titanfall 2 is also really popular, just narrowly missing the 25,000 mentions mark.

Interesting is where Call of Duty marks on the scale; Infinite Warfare looks to only have gathered around 10,000 (it’s hard to tell on the graph thanks to only marking the 25k milestones), while Modern Warfare Remastered – which felt like the game more people were interested in from COD this year – has a tiny following, smaller even than Just Dance 2017. Gone are the days when COD could be game of the show, it seems.

Interesting wildcards come in the form of Star Wars: Battlefront, which is apparently the fifth most-talked-about game at E3, despite having very little presence and releasing last year. Perhaps the X-Wing VR mission is really, really good? Skyrim Remastered is also getting people talking, being the 16th most talked about game.

Gathering little interest at all is card game Elder Scrolls: Legends, Limbo follow-up Inside, and cute Ubisoft sequel Grow Up. Several games near the bottom of the table are VR titles, including Farpoint and Eagle Flight, but the likes of Batman: Arkham VR and Star Trek VR are safe in the middle regions. Perhaps people are drawn to VR games where they’re familiar with the characters and setting?

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