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Battlefield 2042’s new scoreboard arrives Tuesday

Update 3.3 for Battlefield 2042 includes the refreshed in-match scoreboard, as well as a handful of bug fixes

Tanks and soldiers trudge through mud in Battlefield 2042

The refreshed scoreboard finally arrives in Battlefield 2042 this week. Update 0.3.3 arrives March 8 in the multiplayer game, bringing with it an in-match scoreboard split into thirds to better display information about the overall status of the match and the score breakdowns for both teams.

When you pull up the new scoreboard, you’ll see the Match Overview panel on the left-hand side. This displays important up-to-the moment information about how the match is going: how many tickets each team has remaining, which sectors they control, overall number of deaths, and more.

That panel also includes your personal match stats like kills, assists, and deaths, as well as your current ping. The rest of the scoreboard is a side-by-side list of players on both teams, ranked by score. EA says these were the most-requested features among players, but points out that this is the “first version” of the new scoreboard and that “further improvements will be made to this in subsequent updates, based upon your continued feedback”.

Update 0.3.3 also includes a few bug fixes, such as a crash in Origin that could happen if you were signing in or out using an Xbox One controller, and a bug in Hazard Zone that would occasionally prevent end of round XP gains from triggering.

EA says the patch will be “zero down time,” so there won’t be any service interruption. Just download and install the update, and you’ll be back in the action.