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Battlefield 2042 season 4 release date trailer is close-quarters chaos

The Battlefield 2042 season 4 release date trailer shows Eleventh Hour, including the new map Flashpoint, specialist Blasco, close-quarters guns, and a vehicle.

Battlefield 2042 season 4 release date gameplay trailer - new recon specialist Camila Blasco in full combat gear

EA and DICE deliver a Battlefield 2042 season 4 gameplay trailer that showcases what players can expect from the next season of the grand-scale multiplayer FPS game. The trailer shows off action on the incoming Flashpoint map, a glimpse of the newest addition to the ranks of the Battlefield 2042 specialists, several weapons perfect for close-quarters, and a high-mobility vehicle that acts as a superb spawn spot.

Battlefield 2042 season 4 is titled ‘Eleventh Hour’ and takes the fight to South Africa with new map Flashpoint. This rocky battlefield has much of the wide-ranging scope you’d expect from the series, but promises plenty of “close-quarters mayhem” with its uneven terrain and plenty of indoor locations to fight through and control.

Also joining the fray is new Battlefield 2042 Recon Specialist, Camila Blasco. This ambush expert is perfect for stealthy players, as her trait makes you impossible to spot with motion-based gadgets. This is complemented by her own specialty gadget, the X6 Infiltration Device – a signal jammer that prevents hostile lock-ons and interferes with other spotting technology, while also revealing enemy tech so you can more easily get rid of it. As a Recon Specialist, Blasco also gets constant steady scope with sniper rifles, and an insertion beacon.

Battlefield 2042 season 4 - the CAV-Brawler, an eight-wheeler armoured vehicle

The CAV-Brawler is the latest vehicle introduced to Battlefield 2042 as part of the season 4 update. This IFV-type vehicle is highly manoeuvrable and adept at squeezing through smaller spaces, but still provides plenty of protection for its passengers. It can be used as a team spawner even when full, and features mounted guns atop its armoured, eight-wheeler frame that make it an ideal choice in more close-quarters situations.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Battlefield update without some guns, and we get a look at four weapons that should specialise in the close-quarters encounters of Flashpoint. These are the compact Super 500 Shotgun Sidearm, the next-gen RM68 Assault Rifle, the AC9 SMG, and the RPT-31 LMG.

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Battlefield 2042 season 4 release date

Battlefield 2042 season 4, Eleventh Hour, releases on February 28. This date is shown at the end of the season 4 gameplay trailer, which you can watch just above. The Battlefield 2042 update includes new map Flashpoint, Recon Specialist Camila Blasco, the CAV-Brawler vehicle, and four new weapons focused on close-quarters combat.

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