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Battlefield 2042 Specialists will shift to classic Battlefield classes

In Season 3, Battlefield 2042 Specialists will be reorganised into the original Battlefield class system, with shared traits in each class

Battlefield 2042 specialists: Five soldiers, each with unique equipment, standing in a hangar bay lit with cyan light

Battlefield 2042 Specialists are going to see a major change in Season 3 of the FPS game. EA/DICE has announced that after the upcoming season, Specialists will be organised into the more familiar Battlefield class system, sharing traits and equipment within each class.

“The arrival of Specialists in Battlefield 2042 has been polarising,” the studio said in a development update that aired August 22. “We have heard you. So, in Season 3, we’ll be moving Specialists into the classic and familiar Battlefield class system.”

That means each existing Specialist will share traits within a class, and DICE says existing gadgets and throwables will be “split between classes to fit their role.”

Specialists are going to remain a part of Battlefield 2042, DICE says, but adds that players have been asking for more of the legacy class system, and the changes on the way in Season 3 are a step in that direction.

You can see the full development update video here:

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Season 3 will also continue the work started this season with visual updates for Specialists appearance and sound. They’ll look more weathered and battle-hardened, with quips that reflect the harsh realities of the world in the game’s version of 2042.

The update also highlights some newly announced changes for season 2, which kicks off next month. These include the introduction of ‘vault weapons’ in Portal, which you’ll be able to unlock by completing assignments. The first two are the M16A3 assault rifle and M60E4 LMG from Battlefield 3.

The update also says to expect more map refreshes, along the lines of the update to Kaleidoscope. In September, Renewal will get an update, and Orbital will follow in October.