The best Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 loadout

Which are the best attachments for the SWS-10’s? Here's what you should equip as the barrel, underbarrel, sights, and ammunition, for the best loadout

Irish is holding the SWS-10 sniper rifle in Battlefield 2042.

Want to know what the best Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 loadout is? Compared to most FPS games, attachments in Battlefield 2042 require a little more management. The plus system allows you to switch between preconfigured attachments in-game. Using this enables you to prepare for both close range and long distance encounters.

Speccing your loadouts for the best Battlefield 2042 guns requires you to think about which attachments you need to equip in any given situation, taking into account the map you’re playing on. The SWS-10 is a bolt-action sniper rifle, so it’s best to use it at long range. However, this does mean that you need to manage bullet velocity when firing at faraway foes, so it takes a bit of skill to use effectively. Nevertheless, with a bit of practice, you can cause the opposing team some big problems.

Once you have some experience with this gun, you can check out the SWS-10 loadout guide below, where you’ll find which attachments complement each other and when you should switch attachments to get those crucial kills.

Best Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 loadout

Battlefield 2042 gives you the option to bring up to three attachments each for all four attachment categories: sights, ammunition, barrel, and underbarrel. We recommend that you start the match with the first attachment listed below, but you can swap them at any time during the match.

The best Battlefield 2042 SWS-10 loadout is:

  • Sights: SDB 10X, Iron Sights
  • Ammunition: Standard Issue/Extended Mag, High-Power
  • Barrel: 6KU Suppressor, Extended Barrel
  • Underbarrel: LWG Grip, Rattlesnake Grip, ADR Bipod

When fighting at long range, you want to use the sight with the maximum amount of zoom. The SDB 10X has the best zoom level in the game and also enhances target visibility. The aim down sight time does increase, but this timeframe is comparatively similar to the other long range scopes. If you need to use it at close range, switch to the Iron Sights.

The extra ammunition you get from the Standard Issue/Extended Mag will give you more opportunities to kill your opponent before reloading. However, if you need an extra bit of firepower, accuracy, and range, you may use the plus system to switch over to High-Power.

You’ll also want a scope that masks your location for long range combat for the barrel attachment. The 6KU Suppressor does give you a minor hit on your effective range and firepower, but it makes up for this with sound suppression, obscuring your position on the minimap. You’ll likely stick with this most of the time, but if your enemies are close, you can switch to the Extended Barrel that gives you slightly more projectile velocity at the cost of the rate of fire.

Like the best Battlefield 2042 M5A3 loadout, you should use a combination of the LWG Grip and Rattlesnake Grip to improve your accuracy and range. However, you will need to switch between the two to get their respective accuracy buffs, the LWG is best for taking a steady shot at a distance, while the Rattlesnake is great for mobility. Additionally, we recommend the ADR Bipod for long range attacks, when you don’t need to move at a moment’s notice.

Your default loadout at the beginning of the match should be:

  • SBD 10X
  • Standard Issue/Extended Mag
  • 6KU Suppressor
  • LWG Grip

And that’s the best Battlefield 2042 M5A3 loadout. While you’re here, find out who the best Battlefield 2042 specialists are and how you can unlock all of their Battlefield 2042 skins by completing their challenges.