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You can grapple tornadoes in Battlefield 2042, apparently

A new Battlefield 2042 grapple glitch has players hooking up with the weather.

Battlefield 2042 grapple glitch lets players hitch a ride on a tornado

While it’s undoubtedly not a perfect game, Battlefield 2042 players are having a lot of fun with Specialist MacKay and his unique grapple gun – but now some players are discovering some unique uses for the item, in the form of a new Battlefield 2042 grapple glitch that allows them to attach to smoke and even the weather.

In our review of Battlefield 2042, we noted that EA’s latest FPS had all the elements needed to be one of the best Battlefield games but was “many updates away from reaching its full potential”. The game’s certainly had a lot of problems since release and has felt more than a little unfinished, with many glitches, bugs, and even major server errors stopping fans from enjoying themselves.

With several major updates due over the next month to fix the worst of Battlefield 2042’s problems, it’s actually something of a relief to find a glitch that’s just generally silly and players are actually having fun with – rather than, say, major performance problems.

It turns out that MacKay’s grapple gun is actually pretty bugged, and players have been finding some particular stupid things that the item can be used on. The most recent use of the grapple was shown off by Reddit user JedJungle (spotted by CharlieIntel), who posted a video of them attaching it to a cloud of smoke.

Yes, you can grapple onto smoke. from battlefield2042

If that wasn’t silly enough, user EKubus found the best use with their video where they managed to accidentally grapple to a tornado that was miles away and well outside the map – so much so that the game killed them well before the grapple was done winding up.

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It’s possible that EA and Ripple Effect will patch this glitch out along with Battlefield 2042’s other problems like buggy hit registration, so have fun with it while you can.