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Latest Battlefield 2042 update removes a whole playlist

Battlefield 2042 update 4.1 is out today, and it removes the FPS game's 128-player Breakthrough playlist to make things less chaotic and facilitate team work

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A Battlefield 2042 update is incoming today, and it’ll retire the shooter’s 128-player Breakthrough playlist. Fans of the FPS game will still be able to dive into the original 128-player Conquest mode, but DICE claims a smaller player count makes for a more enjoyable experience.

In its Battlefield 2042 update 4.1 patch notes, DICE says trimming the Breakthrough playlist’s player count “helps to remove some of the chaos from the experience.” The developer also states that the move will enable squads to “work together and fulfil their individual roles,” all while holding frontlines more effectively.

The patch notes highlight the importance of teamwork within Battlefield 2042, and DICE uses it as its main Breakthrough 64 selling point. Of course, the EA studio has touched on its ambitions to refine the futuristic FPS before now, as EA CEO Andrew Wilson highlights the importance of getting the “core game” right during a 2022 earnings call. The company’s update decisions are also undoubtedly linked to the game’s recent concurrent player downturn, as Steam stats for the month currently sit at an average of 2,351.

Breakthrough isn’t the only item on the Battlefield 2042 shakeup agenda, as update 4.1 includes various fixes and quality of life improvements. DICE is set to nerf Boris’s SG-36 Sentry Gun, remove armour plate provisions from Angel, and improve the base recoil of stock weapons. Some gaming PC performance enhancements are also inbound, the developer also cites reduced input lag.

The update also mentions the previously delayed Battlefield 2042 Season 1, which is now set to release in June.

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