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Battlefield 2042 update 3.2.1 patch notes nerf dart guns hard

Battlefield 2042 update 3.2.1 arrives next week, and the patch notes include a major nerf to the tracer dart gun, which can mark targets for the M5 and Javelin.

Battlefield update 3.2.1 patch notes tracer dart gun nerf: Zain wears a military helmet with an optic attachment mount while hefting an assault rifle

Another update is coming next week for military FPS game Battlefield 2042. Update 3.2.1 includes the rollback to the ‘stealth’ changes made to the drum and extended magazines in the last patch, but also some important changes for launchers. Specifically, Battlefield 2042’s tracer dart gun is getting a big nerf.

The tracer dart gun has appeared in several Battlefield games, and it works in conjunction with launchers by firing a radio transponder tag that attaches to anything it hits. That transponder works as a lock-on target for guided missiles fired by launchers such as the recoilless M5 and the FGM-148 Javelin.

In many situations, this is far more useful even than the SOFLAM target designation scope, since the tracer dart sticks with the target for quite a while, and it can be used on non-vehicle targets – notably infantry. Tag a sniper’s nest with a tracer dart, and there’s a good chance that someone nearby with an M5 ready will send a nice explosive care package their way.

Patch 3.2.1 clips the tracer dart gun’s wings significantly. The update reducing the projectile speed of the darts from 500m/s to 250 m/s and adds bullet drop. Those darts will be travelling only half as fast, and falling to earth as they do so. If that wasn’t enough, the uptime for the darts has been shortened from a full 40 seconds (which admittedly is a long time) down to just 12 seconds.

Further, the FGM-148 Javelin won’t be able to lock on to tracer dart transponders without direct line of sight once the update arrives.

EA/DICE says the changes are meant to increase the skill required to successfully use the tracer dart at long ranges, and that the SOFLAM is another option if that’s what you plan on doing. However, as mentioned above, the SOFLAM only works to designate aircraft or ground vehicle targets – so those dismounted recon scouts will be able to breathe a little easier.

The developer says the update should be rolling out sometime between February 13-17, but has not specified the exact date yet.

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