Battlefield 2042 update will make big changes to vehicles

In an upcoming Battlefield 2042 update, major changes are coming to vehicles including wider availability of the Active Protection System and lots more

Battlefield 2042 update: An M1A5 main battle tank painted olive green sits near a large fuel storage reservoir on a bright sunny day, its gun tube angled up and slightly to the right

A Season 3 Battlefield 2042 update will be making some pretty significant changes to vehicles across the board. One big one is the wider deployment of the active protection system introduced on last season’s new reconnaissance vehicle, the EBLC-RAM. Other changes to the FPS game’s vehicles are on the way too, such as adjustments to turret traversal speeds and flight ceilings for helicopters.

In the latest dev update, Battlefield 2042’s developers explain that the active protection system with Season 3’s new main battle tank, the EMKV90-TOR, comes with a complete rework to the way the APS works. The rework hasn’t introduced new mechanics or changed the way the system operates, but the devs say it works much more efficiently now, with a reduced cost to performance.

That’s given the devs the opportunity to make the APS available to more vehicles, something they’ve been wanting to do since releasing last season’s EBLC-RAM. Later in Season 3, expect to see the APS open up for both the M1A5 and T28 MBTs to unlock and equip.

The devs also said that they’ve felt that turret rotation speeds (or traverse, in tanker speak) have felt “sluggish” in comparison to the pacing of the rest of the game. Most turreted vehicles will see some boost to traverse speeds in an upcoming patch, and you can find the full list in the dev update post.

Aircraft haven’t been ignored in this update. In an update coming in Season 3, aircraft will be able to fly ‘Below Radar’ at altitudes of 30 metres and below, making them immune to lock-on from vehicle-based weapons. They’ll still be vulnerable to any infantry-based anti-aircraft weapons, however.

Finally, there’ll be no more high-flying helicopter nonsense when the update hits later this season. EA/DICE says it’s reducing the flight ceiling for helicopters so they can’t fly above lock-on range, and so they can’t spawn-camp enemy jet pilots anymore.

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