Battlefield 4 gears up for Night Operations

battlefield 4 Night Ops

I think Battlefield 4 is probably one of the longest-served Battlefield games in history. Despite it’s horrific birth and there having been another Battlefield game released since, Battlefield 4 is still seeing active development at DICE, and the latest update is due in September. It brings Night Operations to the game.

Night Operations will take place on the Navod 311 map, in a retooled version called Zavod: Graveyard shift. Set in the dead of night, it will bring a very different feel to Battlefield with the unique challenges of finding enemies in the pitch black. There’s far more opportunities for stealth in the dark, too.

As detailed on the Battlefield blog, the darkness has meant that new features such as destructible lights have had to be added in order to make it a worthwhile addition. There’s a brand new sound landscape to enable better footstep location, and lighting improvements to make gadgets and tools shine in the darkness.

Zavod: Graveyard Shift supports all standard Battlefield game modes. The Gun Master mode makes use of an even darker map, with a weapons preset specifically built with nighttime weapons.

Alongside Night Operations, the update will add a public team sever balancer, weapons tweaks, and new netcode improvements.