Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations go live today

BF4 Holiday update

The holiday update for Battlefield 4 goes live today, and that means that Legacy Operations is ready to roll out, too. If you’re not up to speed, the Legacy Operations DLC pack is a remake of Dragon Valley, one of the most popular Battlefield 2 maps. It’s been completely re-thought for Frostbite and Battlefield 4 gameplay, and it looks pretty intense. Check out the new trailer. 

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The famous bridges are back for its 2015 revival, and they’ve got the added bonus of being levolution destructible, rather than just plain-old boring destructible. There’s also been some changes made to cloud cover and tree heights to help overcome the issues with draw-distance (you can see a lot further in BF4 than you could in BF2).

Battlefield 4’s Holiday update will patch automatically, but if you want Legacy Operations you need to install it as separate DLC, so make sure to grab it from the Origin My Games tab.