DICE celebrated Independence Day with an explosive Battlefield 4 easter egg


The Battlefield games may be made in Sweden, but they’re played by a lot of Americans – particularly over the Fourth of July Weekend.

DICE celebrated that fact with a noisy firework display, exclusively for Battlefield 4’s premium players. Exclusive until YouTube got hold of it, that is.

The Independence Day easter egg emerged on Battlefield 4’s test servers, playable only to premium subscribers. Players who activated the MCOM at the centre of the game’s ‘scraper-strewn Dawnbreaker map were treated to a sky filled with red, blue and white particle effects.

The display was accompanied by a dirge-like electric guitar rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner which recalls Jimi Hendrix’s wordless protestagainst the Vietnam War at Woodstock 1969. Whether or not this constitutes DICE’s first attempt at war commentary is something you’ll have to contemplate while watching the fireworks:

Elsewhere, premium players contributed to the festivities with jingoistic jet trails and patriotic RPGs, all in the appropriate colours. Quite a nest of easter eggs: but will DICE ever manage to one-up Battlefield 4’s shark-jump, do you think?

Thanks, PC Gamer.