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Planes can actually take off in Battlefield 5

You won't always spawn mid-flight in Battlefield 5

The classic Battlefield experience sees everyone sprinting for the airfield at spawn – in moments, the entire team watches in disbelief as the dingus who got to the plane first crashes mere seconds after getting off the ground. With the new spawn system introduced in recent games that’s stopped being the norm but takeoffs, at least, are currently in Battlefield V.

DICE revealed Hamada last week, a massive North African map that’s comparable in size to some of the biggest Battlefield has ever hosted. It was just a topographical tease, but eagle-eyed players noted that an airstrip appeared to be part of the map. The developers have confirmed that yes, it’s there, and yes, you’ll be able to use it – probably.

“Much like BF2 – you fly through the airfield to resupply,” multiplayer producer David Sirland says on Twitter. “There is a spawn on ground for planes at that airfield in certain modes,” he adds, but this feature still “might change.” That’s in contrast to how you typically spawn mid-flight, and assuming it remains in the final game it’ll offer a welcome bit of variety for pilots.

Takeoffs are briefly shown in a new dev talk video that you can see below. (The relevant bit is at 19:15.)

The Battlefield 5 release date is now set for November 20, a month-long delay from it’s originally planned launch. You can follow that link for much more info on everything we know about the game so far. If you’re eager to take to the skies now, check out our list of the best plane games.